Peaceful life with

a trained dog!

Helping dog owners like you revolutionize your

relationship, communication, and obedience

with your dog through our proven

play-based lifestyle dog training methodology 



We will help your dog understand how to live more comfortably and secure in their surroundings.


Separation can be unsettling lead to loud or destructive behavior – we will help you communicate what your pup should do while you’re gone. 


We began by training many fearful dogs so we have you covered! We will help your pup live the confident dog life!

From potty training to protection training our knowledge & methodology
 allows us to help with any breed with any issue!



Unleash the full potential of your furry companion with our cutting-edge virtual programs. Tailored to suit every schedule and training preference, our virtual training options bring expert guidance right to your fingertips.


 Personalized guidance to enhance communication and trust between you and your dog. We empower you to achieve your training goals while fostering a flourishing bond with your canine companion.


Accelerated training through play-based learning enhances obedience, addresses behavioral challenges, and strengthens dog-owner communication. Off-leash reliability and enhanced responsiveness empower dogs to make good social decisions.




OFF-LEASH reliability with your RDT trained pup! Take your dog anywhere you want to go, confident your dog knows what you are asking of them!



With our PLAY-BASED training methodology, your dog will always love doing what you’re doing, making obedience FUN!


Experience a connection that you’ve never experienced with your dog! Live a harmonious lifestyle and one where your dog has a purposeful and fulfilling relationship with you!





What is a Board & Train program?

Board and train means just that, the dog is trained by our professional trainers while being boarded at our training facility. The dog stays the duration of its program at the facility (usually 4-8 weeks depending on the severity of the dog’s issues) and is returned at the end of the training program when the owners have finished their own education with the trainers.

What is Play Based Training?

Creating a fun reliable relationship through games of play like tug and fetch! We want learning and teaching to be FUN & conflict free! The more we train through play the easier our intent and understanding of who we are and what we represent to our dogs is better known. Off-leash freedom comes easy when your dog/puppy actually wants to engage and be with you in all areas and situations you take them in!

What are the benefits of Board & Train?

Board and train offers a quick, efficient, and economical solution to problem behaviors.

While some people have a great deal of time to dedicate to their dog’s training, yielding fair results, most people do not. Our trainers, having a great deal of practice and experience, can train your dog efficiently in a short period of time.

A board and train program is critical for any dog suffering from fear, aggression, or anxiety as these types of issues require a skilled hand to achieve successful results. While some people do chose to fix these issues on their own, we do not recommend it. Poor training can create very dangerous situations.

Board and train offers more exposure to the world. Our seasoned trainers can introduce your dog (the right way) to more people, dogs, places, and things in one week than most people can in months, thereby creating a calmer, more well-rounded pup overall.

In our board and train program, we do all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. You simply maintain what has been taught

What does Virtual Training look like?

Depending on whether you choose 30 minutes or an hour, we train through zoom or FaceTime!

Do you come to my home?

Yes, if you are local or on our travel route! Private Training Session with RDT usually takes place at client's home or affiliated area.

What tools do you use?

We make use of leashes, prong collars, slip leads, e-collars, toys, and food.